Book Review: Masih Belajar

I have read a book, the title is “Masih Belajar”. It is a kind of self-improvement book that tells about Iman Usman, a young entrepreneur who has established I was curious, how he could succeed at a young age.

I am interested in reading this book because it is about the real story of Iman Usman. It’s not just about the theorem or quotes. This book tells us how Iman Usman fights his failure and how he can rise to success. I think that Iman Usman Succes describes his life experiences because the words are very easy to comprehend.

This book makes the reader aware that we must keep our dreams, be brave to realize it and dare to accept the failure as a learning process. A part that makes me interested in this book when Iman told his experience, how he can learn English. He went to the Airport, look for native speakers for English speaking practice. I think it was a creative idea and his activity made him good in English at a young age.

Through this book, Iman persuades us that life is not about how we can survive, it is not about existence, but it was about how we can give a positive impact on other people. Read a whole this book gives me an amazing contemplation experience.
After finishing reading this book, I can realize my self that I must give a more positive impact on other people.

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