Education System in Finland

Indonesia should learn education system from Finland. There are several aspects that we have to learn, such as learning system, time management, and teacher quality. First, learning system in Finland is more prefered. In Finland, the class condition is not crowded like in Indonesia because there is only one teacher and twelve students for each class. So, teacher can handle the class easily. Besides, the teacher can understand characteristics of students. The other example taht related to learning system is the learning method. Joyful learning has become dominant in Finland. It’s not only applied in elementary school but also in senior high school. This method more effective than conventional method. Joyful learning can improve motivation and learning outcomes. Second, time management is one of the important things in education system of Finland. Education system in Finland has applied five sections of learning for each day. Students start to learn from 9 am until 2 pm. Every section will be hold on 45 minutes to study and 15 minutes to take a break. It’s implied that there is no full day school in Finland like in Indonesia. Third, teacher quality is the most important things in education system of Finland. The proffesion of teachers is highly appreciated. So that, the govermaent of Finland is really concerned to improve teacher’s competence by facilitating teachers to take the development of teacher’s proffesion program. By joining this program, teachers are able to make creative learning model and to manage curriculum. In Finland, teacher has authority decide and design the curriculum. It was really different from Indonesia learning system, that goverment is curriculum determinant. In conclusion, each country has education system with different characteristics. Perhaps, the education system of Finland can inspire us to apply in Indonesia.

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