Numpang-Nampang Talk show:Pro 2 RRI Malang

Hello readers

Thanks for being with my website, feels like a long time. I didn’t write anything on my website. Well, today I’m gonna tell you about my experience when my friend and I went to RRI Malang.

15th January 2020, my friend, Lely, sent a text in my committee group. She told us that there is an opportunity for publishing our event on the radio. She invited me to join the talk show program. We decided to join Numpang Nampang Talkshow on 30th January. I think that was the right decision because there is no agenda at the same time.

On 30th January, Lely sent me a text that she was under the weather. So, my friend Ummi would accompany me on the Radio.

We have an event on March 1, 2020, Klinik Beasiswa. As usual, we try to invite some media as our media partner, one of them is RRI. Pro 2 RRI Malang will be a media partner in our event. So, in this talk show program, we informed the listener about the event Klinik Beasiswa.

RRI Malang is located in Jl. Candi Panggung, Lowokwaru Malang. It’s about 3.2 KM from my boarding house. Because of raining, we decided to go to RRI by car. There was a traffic jam around Soekarno Hatta street, so that’s why we need 20 minutes to arrive at the location.

We met Mbak Iren, as a radio announcer in the talk show program. When I entered the room, I suddenly remembered that I’d been an announcer nine years ago. About 50 minutes, we discussed our event, Klinik Beasiswa and our experiences as LPDP awardee.

I think it was a great opportunity that I could feel again in the radio studio. It will be an unforgettable moment during I stay in Malang.

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