PDEC 6 Months Universitas Negeri Malang

Reminiscing the first time visiting UM as the training participants, we were very proud to have the opportunities.

We remember the warm welcome from the Department and it makes us have the feeling of enthusiasm and optimism to increase our English abilities. We are grateful for having the chance to study with excellent lecturers in English Department, UM.

We have passed hundreds of days studying together, getting to know each other, listening to each other’s problems and experiences. We learned from each other as we come from diverse ethnicity and geographical differences, yet we become closer each time.

From this university, one thing that we would like to bring home is the spirit of lifelong learning, keeping the spirit to develop ourselves, so that we can contribute to Indonesia with our skills and knowledge.

There’s no lovelier term than our saying “thank you”.
Within this six months, we have our own family. Not only learning English, but also learning the significance of life.

Million thanks to all faculty members who have been patient in teaching and guiding us in this six months, so we can finish the program and learn a lot from the program.

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