Why do I learn English?: My strategies for learning English

Learn English every day. I love to learn English because I have a dream that someday I can speak English fluently like a native, produce some articles in English and continue my studies overseas. Why do I learn English? Even I’m not a student in the English Department, but I think that English important to me. Furthermore, all of my references in Mathematics using English. This is a powerful reason for me to learn English every day. So I can understand the books or articles readily and also understand when someone speaks English with me.

Talking about learning English is related to strategies or methods for improving our skills such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. I think that the hardest skills in English are writing and speaking. However, both of them are active skills that can determine our ability in English. We need to be good at grammar, knowing more about the vocabulary and phrases, and making sentences accurately. So, How can I learn English easily? What are my strategies? In this article, I would like to tell you about my strategies for improving my English every day. I divide into four methods for reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The more you read, the easier you understand. That is a simple principle for improving my reading comprehension. I read the journal, article, and book that written in English. After reading, I write new vocabulary on a card. Then, I paste it on the wall. I read again the vocabulary and memorize it. I also try to make a sentence for each word. So, it can be easy for me to memorize.

How do I learn writing? Even I learn by myself, I keep writing on my website. Every month, I write one topic like my opinion or my experiences. I try to make paragraphs and I check my grammar with my friends who are good at English. Sometimes, I make an article like a book review and a video review. I read a book and watch a video then I retell the information that I got. By doing these activities, I’m used to write in English without translate from Indonesia to English.

Do you remember when you were a child? You can speak because of words that you listen to before, whether you listen to your parents or someone else. Speaking and listening are related to each other. We can speak English fluently by listening. I always listen to the audio every day. Sometimes, I listen to audio in TED Talk, Voa Learning English, and British Council. After listening, I write a new vocabulary. Then I do the same things as my strategies in reading skills. For improving my speaking, I try to make a sentence for each new vocabulary. I make one topic then I talking to my self. I record my voice for checking the grammar in speaking and the pronounciation.

That was my story about my strategies for improving skills in English. Hopefully, It can be useful for you. Practice perfect makes perfect. Let’s Enjoy learning English. The more you practice, the more fluent you are.
Keep reading, keep writing, keep listening and keep talking

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